Discover City Vibes Metro a weekly lifestyle TV show that showcases the best of Central Massachusetts. Episodes include interesting guests and topics such as Health & Fitness, Style & Fashion, Dining Out Metro and events that inspire our Cities emerging economy.


Tune into Charter TV3 and City Vibes Metro Face book and win tickets to events and entertainment shows including Dining Out Specials.  Listen to everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask!  Go City Vibes


6th Sense & Beyond, "Opening the Spiritual World to the WORLD" with co hosts Christina Andrianopoulos and Katherine Glass, Award Winning Psychic Medium feature gifted psychics and spiritualists such as Tarot and Palm Readers, Astrologers, Animal Whisperers, Aura Analysts, Ghost Hunters, and much more.


Each episode Christina and Katherine bring you closer to learning your self intuition through Psychic Challenge and Psychic Tips so you to learn how you can tune into your very

own 6th Sense. Go 6th Sense and Beyond

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6th Sense & Beyond


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